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Tools to Have on Hand When You Move

Published on January 29th, 2021 by

Let’s face it; moving is chaotic. Whether you’re opting for professional packers and movers or you want to try packing your belongings on your own, it’s important that you have the right supplies on hand. The right supplies can help drastically cut down on your moving time and ultimately make your move less expensive.

Do We Supply Moving Supplies?

You may be wondering if our moving packers in Chicago offer supplies such as shrink wrap, tape, or boxes if you book with us for your move. We are always happy to provide you with professional packing supplies for purchase! We offer boxes in a variety of sizes, tape, shrink wrap, packing paper, and other supplies that will make moving a breeze. We are even happy to deliver these packing items to your doorstep ahead of time when you purchase $100 worth of supplies or more.

If you’re going to be handling the move on your own, be sure to compile the following.


You’re likely going to be responsible for taking furniture, light fixtures, and other multi-part items as you prepare for your move. A screwdriver will always come in handy for dissassembling your items. Just when you think it’s safe to put it away, you’ll find another item that needs it.

Moving Boxes

You can’t move in Chicago, Il without enough moving boxes! Make sure to invest in a variety of box sizes to ensure there’s a perfect spot for all of your items. We always recommend buying a few more boxes than you think you’ll need, as they fill up quickly!

Tape & Tape Gun Dispenser

If you know that you’ll have many boxes to secure before moving, it may be worth investing in a tape gun dispenser. This will make the taping process signficantly easier and more time-efficient. You’ll likely be able to find uses for it in the future as well!

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Affordable moving and storage in Chicago is only a phone call away! Our Chicago movers offer full-service packing and unpacking services in addition to secure storage units throughout the city. If you’re interested in our moving services, be sure to take advantage of our free quotes today!

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