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What to Expect During Your Aaron Bros. Move

Published on May 8th, 2013 by

What to Expect During Your Aaron Bros. Move. The Average household move for Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. starts when the movers arrive at the customer’s residence. The Crew Chief will greet the customer and go over Aaron Bros. policies which include: insurance information, moving rates, packing material options and pricing. The Crew Chief will also take time to answer any and all questions or concerns the customer may have regarding any of the aforementioned policy information or about the move in general.

Step 1:

The Crew Chief will perform a thorough walk-through of the customer’s residence to give the customer an accurate estimate for the cost and time needed for the move to be completed. He or she will then report back to Aaron Bros. staff and relay the information provided by the customer. The Crew Chief will acknowledge items in need of packing, or that require disassembling if requested. Once the walk-through is completed, the Crew Chief will than supply the customer with a detailed, non-binding estimate of charges while the remaining movers begin the “prep-work” phase of the move. This may include: clearing away debris from stairways and/or doorways as a safety precaution and unloading moving equipment from the moving truck such as; dollies, blankets, and any miscellaneous packing material. If there is severe weather conditions like snow, the movers will also remove and salt the outside of the residence to create a direct pathway to the moving truck. Finally, all movers will begin the task of padding, packing, shrink-wrapping and disassembling any items that require attention.

Step 2:

Once the “prep-work” phase is completed, the Crew Chief will designate and post the remaining movers at specific locations. Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. has found this strategy to be the most effective in optimizing productivity. It ensures that not only the customer’s items are moved effortlessly and securely from residence to the moving truck, but it also helps to minimize workers’ fatigue and maximize the productivity of the move without any down time. Throughout the duration of the move, the Crew Chief has a constant line of communication between himself and the remaining movers as to which items are to be moved and in what order these items should be loaded onto the moving truck.

Step 3:

With all items placed securely in the moving truck, the Crew Chief will do a final walk-through with the customer to ensure that no items are left behind. Items will be prepared for transport and the Crew Chief will call Aaron Bros. to notify departure time from the current location. He will also at this time give an estimated time of arrival to the destination or note if any additional stops are required in between.

Step 4:

Once the movers arrive at the destination of the customer’s new residence, the first items unpacked from the truck are those items that will need to be reassembled such as; bed frames, dressers, entertainment centers, etc. The Crew Chief will post the other movers at specific locations while one mover will stay inside the new residence to re-construct any of the said items. The remaining movers will unload the rest of the moving truck in the same careful manner they performed earlier.

Step 5:

When all items are unloaded, all movers will inspect the moving truck to ensure nothing of the customer’s is left behind. Finally, the movers will inspect any large items and boxes for damage while the Crew Chief presents the customer with the bill of lading to be signed and paid for.

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