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Winter Moving Tips

Published on November 26th, 2013 by

If anyone could plan their ideal move, the current winter months would be out of the running for the perfect season to move in. The cold, possible snowy weather, can deter you from moving altogether. Unfortunately, circumstances greater than our own plans can occur and if they do it is always best to be prepared. Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. has compiled 5 helpful tips and reminders for your wintery relocation.  Contact us today for our availability and a free estimate and continue reading for winter moving tips:

1) Utilities

After booking your move with Aaron Bros. make sure to set up all utilities for your new home, particularly the heat and lights. We suggest doing this ahead of time to make sure that all components are functioning properly and anything malfunctioning can be repaired before your move-in day.

2) Clear Walkways and Sidewalks

A great start to the morning of your Aaron Bros. move is to take caution that all walkways and sidewalks are cleared of any snow so you and the movers can roam about safely. (Don’t worry, your Moving Crew will gladly help clear a pathway to and from the truck!) If you’re moving locally, we suggest visiting your new home the day before you are scheduled to move to make sure those walkways and sidewalks are clear and free of ice too. If you’re moving to another town or city and can’t visit your new home prior to the move-in date, ask your new landlord or property manager to check the area for you. Keep your salt and shovel handy, just in case you need them at either location.

3) Prepare Your Floors

Take the time to prepare high-traffic areas in your old and new home for the movers. Although our Moving Crews are not in the habit of tracking mud in and out of homes, sometimes it can happen and we would rather help you be prepared. We recommend plastic lining secured with duct tape opposed to cardboard which does not have the same durability and can easily become damaged by water. Our Moving Crew will gladly assist in anchoring the floor protection before the start of the move.

4) Well-Packed Belongings

Water can dissolve cardboard so do not stack boxes outside. Make sure the items inside the boxes are well-protected, especially any items with electronic components. We offer full-packing services and will make sure that all of your belongings are secure and ready to go directly from your current home, onto the truck, and into your new home. Aaron Bros. will also supply the padding and wrapping material for larger items like couches and tables since winter moisture can affect wood and upholstery too.

5) Add Hot Beverages to the Menu

It is important to stay hydrated during your move no matter what the season is. But, why not add hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate to the mix! Hot beverages will serve as an instant body-warmer and be well received by all who are assisting in your move.

Let Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. handle your winter relocation. These helpful tips–along with our professional and dedicated Moving Crew–will help beat your winter moving blues!

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