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5 Move In Organization Tips

Published on July 29th, 2014 by

Organization Tips: Our Top 5 Favorite Tips for When You Just Move In

One of the best times to organize your home (and essentially your life) is when you move into a new home. It’s a fresh slate so why not start out on the right foot?!?! There are so many different ways to organize your kitchen, bedroom, closet, family room – the options are endless. We’ve listed some of our favorite home organization tips to get you started.


Organization Tips #1–One of the main disaster areas in the kitchen: the cabinets storing pots, pans, Pyrex dishes, etc. Without some type of divider or organizer, it can take on a life of its own with the stacks of nesting pots and pans. There are many different types of cabinet organizers for this purpose but one of our favorites is the standing divider which can be used both horizontally and vertically. With these, you can optimize the space to its fullest.

Organization Tips #2–Whether you’re moving into a new neighborhood or are just moving a mile or two away from your old place, you always are going to have a stack of take-out menus which need to be organized. One option is to use a binder to organize all the menus but we prefer repurposing a magnetic office file pocket. Attach this to the side of your refrigerator and voila, takeout menus at your fingertips.

Living Room/Family Room

Organization Tips #3–Although home media is moving into the digital age with Netflix and other streaming services, we all still keep our prized DVD collection. One of the tidiest methods we’ve seen to store the DVDs is creating tiered shelves within your bookshelf and/or media center. It allows you to utilize more of the space and still have titles visible.

Home Office

Organization Tips #4–Do you like to keep magazines? Maybe you’re borderline hoarding your magazines? Don’t be ashamed – most of us have this minor problem. A great way to store your magazines is with magazine holders which can be found at The Container Store, Home Goods, IKEA – this list is endless. We suggest utilizing these but jazz them up some with ribbon and tags. Add some personality.


Organization Tips #5–Do you need more space in your closet? Everyone does, no matter the size of the closet – whether a walk-in or not. It seems simple but change out your hangers from the odd and end hangers you’ve collected over time to a single type of hanger: velvet huggable thin hangers. Not only are these hangers thin (fundamentally a space saving solution) but the uniformity of the hanger type will also increase your closet space.

When you move into your new home, as you unpack your belongings, don’t miss the opportunity to set up your home with these 5 organization tips! We guarantee that these organization tips will increase your new home’s functionality, enhance your lifestyle and declutter your mind. Happy organizing!

This article was written and submitted by Magnolia Atelier’s Principal Owner, Ms. Margaret Williams. Magnolia Atelier specializes in Event Planning, Marketing and Company Organization and Branding. For more information regarding their services or help preparing for your move with floor plans please visit You can also read Ms. Williams’ previous blog on “Preparing For Your Move With Floor Plans” here.

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