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Advanced Packing

Published on September 11th, 2013 by

In our last post, Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. discussed the basic “dos and don’ts” of packing on our “Packing 101” list. Now that you have the basic guidelines for general packing, labeling, what not to pack, and Aaron Bros.’ acceptance of packed goods, we can move onto newsprint cushioning and packing specific items. Welcome to “Advanced Packing!”

 Newsprint Packing Material

The most important aspect of packing is good wrapping and cushioning material. You should avoid using newspaper as your material of choice since newspaper ink has a tendency to rub off on everything it touches and can be next to impossible to remove from finer items like porcelain or china. Instead, use newsprint (unprinted newspaper) as your material of choice. How much you need is contingent upon the items you are packing but purchase enough to securely wrap all your fragile and breakable items. You can order newsprint from Aaron Bros. Headquarters, or find it in local office supply stores.

Packing Specific Items

Plates/Saucers/Flat China: Wrap individually and then bundle three or four together. When placing these items in the box, stand on end, never lay flat. Use the larger items as the bottom layer and place crumpled paper as cushioning between each layer.

Bowls: Odd-shaped items and bowls should be individually wrapped and serve as the upper layer when nesting other wrapped bowls inside. Always place inside of the box on edge with the bottom facing up.

Cups and Glasses: Wrap individually and place rim down inside of the box.

Glassware and Crystal: Always wrap individually and never put one piece inside another. If items are particularly fragile, pack first in smaller box, then in a larger box with cushioning all around it.

Books: Pack books upright with open edges and bound ends alternating every other. Any rare or fragile covers should be wrapped in paper.

Clothing: Hanging items should go into wardrobe boxes. Folded clothes may remain inside dressers if dressers are sturdy enough. All other clothing can be packed in a medium (3.0 cu. ft.) box.

Food: Boxed, dry food should be packed in a medium box with openings taped shut to prevent spillage. Jars or canned goods should be cushioned and wrapped in book boxes (1.5 cu. ft.) Don’t forget that moving is the perfect time to sort through your pantry and make a donation to Move for Hunger! Ask your moving specialist or read more here about our partnership with Move for Hunger.

Lamps: Lamp bases should be wrapped, cushioned, and packed in sectional boxes. Cushion loosely since too much paper can dent the lampshade.

Stereos, Radios, Etc.: Components and small electronics should be well wrapped and cushioned in either medium or large (4.5 cu. ft.) boxes. Large flat screen televisions and stereo consoles should not be packed. Our Moving Crew will pad these items and treat them like furniture. For more information on packing electronics, click here.

Mirrors, Marble Tops, Glass Tops, Pictures: All mirrors, pictures, marble or glass tops should be packed in picture-mirror boxes unless they are very small. The small items may be wrapped and packed in sectional boxes on edge. Very large marble or glass tops should be handled by Aaron Bros.’ Moving Crews.

Self-packing is one way to save on your move and can be completed efficiently when you are organized and work room-to-room. If you find you require help with your packing, contact Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. for information on our full-packing services. We can supply the material, man power, and know-how to get you ready for your move in no time!

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