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Our Storage Facility’s”No Hidden-Fees” Guarantee

Published on September 16th, 2013 by

It can be very tempting when looking for self-storage to choose a storage facility that offers next to nothing when it comes to the cost of “moving in.” Many nationwide chains and locally owned providers offer “$1 Move-in Specials” but is it really just a $1 to register, move-in, and store your stuff? The answer is, no not really! Here’s why:

Like most great advertising campaigns, a “$1 Move-in Special” will get you through the front door. But what happens next is a list of hidden fees that increases the price. You’ll find that you are soon paying for an “administration fee,” are being forced to purchase insurance and a lock, and are charged any miscellaneous maintenance fees. Plus, you may be subject to storage units that are less than desirable, awkward in size, or inconvenient in location. So here you went from an unbelievable deal to owing this storage facility close to what the original monthly rent is anyway and perhaps in a unit that you would not have chosen in the first place.

At Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc.–at all four of our storage locations–we look at each facility individually and offer competitive move-in rates and monthly rents that are contingent on what we have to offer and what are consumer is looking for. Although we do not offer a “$1 Move-in Special,” each facility runs it’s own “Monthly Specials” that will offer you some kind of discount when you choose to store at one of our Southside locations. And all we recommend are two simple things:

  • Stop by your facility of choice at your convenience to see the facility, chat with our staff, and pick the unit size that suites your storage needs. Many customers find that once they are within the facility and able to see in person the difference in unit sizes, they can make a more accurate decision on the space they need for their “stuff.”
  • The purchase of insurance for self-storage is highly recommend; however, we do not require it as a prerequisite to store with us. It is an additional option that can be added onto your account at any time you chose during your stay at one of our self-storage facilities.

It is not our business to lure you into any of our self-storage facilities with an initial low cost surrounded by hidden fees. Rather, it is our mission to provide you with secure and safe storage with a company you can trust. There’s no fine print to that!

Contact your preferred self-storage facility to speak with a representative on this month’s rates and availability.


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