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Small Business Pride! Aaron Bros. Moving System Inc.

Published on September 20th, 2013 by

The first description any Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. employee will tell you about our company and three self-storage facilities is, we are a small family-owned and operated business (and a proud one at that!) For over forty years we have moved families, companies, and individuals around Chicago and through the great state of Illinois, stored their “stuff,” and have come to know the majority of our customers on a personal level.

Even in this modern era, there is still something to be said about the “Mom and Pop shops” that are out there providing services and customer service while thriving and competing among the Big Boys of cooperation. Aaron Bros. and other small businesses have something that larger companies sometimes lack which is an inherent value system. The values that constitute most small businesses–including us–are: we are prepared to take risks, are driven by success and not afraid of failure, are self-motivated, and are passionate for what our company’s services and abilities are. For Aaron Bros. this began with one family and has stayed true (with the addition of extended family and friends) as the years passed. We Move Chicago. We Store Chicago. And it is fundamentally as simple as that.

In this day in age with technology rapidly changing, be it the newest phone, software system, app, gadget, this or that, the ways to “communicate” are endless. Yet are we really connecting with each other? At Aaron Bros. we pride ourselves on being a small company with a big heart who enjoys being in the thick of our business. The benefits we see of being self-contained  are that we are able to develop personal relationships with our customers, staff, and suppliers. At each of our self-storage facilities our customers are known by the Facility Manager and through your moving process, the ability to communicate with the same Moving Specialist is available to you. We also feel that it is important to support other small businesses as our company’s suppliers and stay local with such vendors as Fullline Printing in River North and J & S Glass, Superior Furniture, and BJ Trailers on the Southside.

Aaron Bros. stays connected to you with our old school values so the line of communication remains intact. Sure we have embraced technology by updating our website and joining social media, but when you call the moving office or your storage facility of choice there is a live person there to answer the phone. As a collective group we personally go through our emails and respond. Your comments, concerns, and/or questions are never outsourced. We feel that that is the true merit of a small business…you’ll never get lost in the shuffle and neither will we. Our commitment to our Chicago is that although we strive for company growth and development we will never forget where we came from. And those roots belong to one family, one dream, and one ‘BIG” small moving and storage company. Because We Move Chicago!


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