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Small Storage Lockers For Extra Storage Space

Published on July 3rd, 2014 by

Small Storage Lockers

If you need a bit of stuff stored away, but you don’t need to rent a full sized storage unit, then Small Storage Lockers are a perfect option. These smaller sized, highly secure and individually locked Lockers are designed for small storage for either short or long term leases.

One of the benefits of Small Storage Lockers is that you can keep seasonal items secure and safe without taking up room. For those that live in apartments and condos in downtown Chicago, Hyde Park, Lincoln Park or anywhere else in the city it is a true lifesaver. You don’t have to worry about limiting your belongings since you can easily store those that you aren’t using in a facility off-site.

Money Savings

Small Storage Lockers are also a perfect option for those that run a home business or an online business out of their home. You may find that you need space for excess inventory or equipment but you don’t want the cost of a full storage unit rental. In Chicago these small, single owner businesses are on the rise and we have provided Small Storage Lockers for all types of companies and start-up businesses.

Convenient Access
Unlike some of the storage facilities in the city of Chicago, we keep you in mind when we set our hours for the rental unit space. With four different locations including Michigan Avenue, South Shore, Hyde Park and 83rd and Halsted we are close to you no matter where you may live.

Our rates are highly competitive for our Small Storage Lockers, plus you can always choose to upgrade to a larger size at a later date if you find you need more space. With over 160,000 square feet of storage options, we will have a match for your off-site storage requirements whether they are big or small.

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