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Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks!

Published on March 22nd, 2016 by

It’s officially Spring Chicago! And with that feeling of renewal and rejuvenation comes a desire for some to Spring Clean! Below you’ll find a list of Spring cleaning tips and tricks that we here at Aaron Bros. find useful and helpful when clearing out all that Winter gloom.

Organize Closets and Drawers

What better place to start then by going through your wardrobe and sorting through bulky Winter clothes and/or pieces that you have not worn for a few seasons. This is a chance for each member of the family to see what items of clothing they no longer fit, wear, or like. Once you have a pile of unwanted clothes, you can either donate them to charity or box up seasonal clothing–like jackets, sweaters, cold weather gear–for storage. Click here for information on our self-storage facilities.

Clean Your Windows/Curtains/Blinds

There’s something about finally getting to reopen blinds and windows after a long Winter season that is extremely satisfying. And after months of keeping the warmth in and cold out, we recommend a good deep clean for both your windows and window treatments (blinds or curtains) to welcome the Spring season. For glass windows, rubber edged, squeegee-like sponges with a little hot water and mild soap works wonders while curtains can be laundered and blinds dusted with a damp cloth.

Clean Out Your Refrigerator

This can be a daunting task but it’s best to just roll up your sleeves and get started! We suggest beginning with throwing away spoiled, old, mostly empty, long forgotten about food; condiments, spices, and/or anything that was once edible but no longer is. Next, remove drawers and the door shelves and soak in hot water and mild detergent. For the shelves that can not be removed, a solution of baking soda and water can be made to safely scrub and wash the surface. Lastly, it is recommended to vacuum out the dust from the condenser coils to keep from over heating.

Clean Out Your Pantry

Just like your refrigerator, that pantry of yours needs love too. But instead of throwing away those cans of sweet peas or unopened box of oatmeal, consider donating the unwanted items to a local food pantry. Once you have sorted through what will be kept and what can go, we suggest removing all items from your shelves so that the shelves can be de-crumbed and wiped cleaned with the same mild cleaning solution used in the refrigerator.

Clean Your Floors

A major feature of your home is your flooring. Whether it is hardwood, carpet, or a mixture of both it needs a thorough cleaning after a long Winter. Again, this chore is quite the undertaking so it may be helpful to take it room by room or level by level. However you choose to start, we suggest doing the following: remove or push to the side large pieces of furniture. Wipe base boards with a damp cloth and sweep bare floors. Next, vacuum the entire area. For carpeting, it is recommended to rent a carpet-shampoo machine for a deep clean. One with a rotating head attachment will work wonders to loosen up ground in dirt and stains. Be careful not to overuse the cleaning solution. Once completed, open your windows and let air dry. For hardwood floors, areas should be swept and vacuumed and then mopped with a homemade solution of white vinegar mixed with warm water or, any other natural, wood-safe cleaning solutions you’d prefer to try. Let air dry before replacing your furniture.

Replace Batteries/Light bulbs

It is recommended that smoke alarms have their batteries changed every 6 months. A helpful tip is to use Daylight Savings Time as a reminder to switch out the batteries of the detectors in your home. This is also a great opportunity to take stock of the light bulbs in your house and change out those burnt bulbs.

Spruce Up Your Décor!

With a refreshing energy in the air, it is natural to want a change of décor, i.e. new throw pillows, blankets, dishware, or whatever you fancy to give your home a lighter Spring feel. If you are strapped for cash, an inexpensive way to change the look of your home is to change the layout of furniture. This can be as simple as rearranging a bookcase to completely overhauling a specific room.

Happy Cleaning!


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