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What to Do on the First Day of Your New Apartment

Published on July 2nd, 2019 by

Moving into a new apartment or home is a long and overwhelming process, but what you do in those first 24 hours can set the tone for the rest of your weeks. Even if you hire a team of movers in Chicago, there is still plenty to do after your boxes arrive. Follow this guideline to make your first few hours count! 

Document the Condition

Before you begin moving anything, take time to document the condition of your apartment or house. If you are renting, this is especially important in getting that security deposit back. Remember to check if all utilities are working properly and if your doors and windows lock securely. 

Move Boxes Into the Correct Room

Once the movers in Chicago arrive with your boxes, transfer them to their correct room. Hopefully, you labeled them, but if not just take a peek inside without taking anything out. This simple step will save you hours in the long run. Once every box is in the right location, unpacking will be a breeze.   

Unpack the Essentials

On the first day, only unpack what is needed to live comfortably in the moment. This includes your bedding, toiletries needed to take a shower, kitchen essentials, a few outfits, medications and anything else you need to survive during the moving chaos. 

Following these steps will help you feel a little more organized among the clutter and set you up for success for the weeks to come. If you need movers in Chicago to get your belongings from point A to point B, contact Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. today!

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